serverside tracking & tagging - everything done for you

why serverside?

the obvious reasons for serverside tracking

conversion tracking
having a serverside tracking setup means you can track up to 40% more conversions, which ultimately leads to wiser budget allocations and will save you tons of money.
better SEO results 
server-side tracking shifts scripts from the client-side to server-side, resulting in a faster website, which enhances conversion rate optimization and improves SEO ranking.
control your data
take control of your own data, and choose exactly when and how to deploy it - this way you're not limited to 3rd platform restrictions.

bulletproof your tracking setup for years to come

  • ssGTM setup
  • multi-tagging
  • api calls to multiple ad platforms
  • first-month monitoring
  • multi-domain
  • cookie compliance, consent mode v2 & other

server-side tracking

up to 40% better marketing perfomance
improved web performance
greater data accuracy
less dependant on big-tech storing your data
customization and control
enhanced data security

client-side tracking

browser dependancy
vulnerable to ad blockers
performance issues
limited data capture
data privacy concerns
loss of data control and quality